Enigma Escape Game is not only a quest game in the real life of Lviv city, but also exciting and funny pastime developing and drawing into the adventure storyline!

And so, you are locked and have only 60 minutes to escape from one of our tricky quest-rooms, pass over through a number of catchy riddles, tangled puzzles and objectives hidden in it. The goal is obvious – find the key and escape from the room, but everything is not as simple!

In order to accomplish your escape and pass through escape-room, you will be required to show smartness, solve different mysterious puzzles by using your creative thinking, logics and common sense keeping in mind strategy and tactics. Teams of 2-4 people may participate in playing the game. We guaranty that you will enjoy an hour of real pleasure with multiple challenges, secrets and experience that you have never had before. Just check yourself and play through the escape-game with us!

Are you ready to take the challenge?

Lviv, Storozhenka St, 30
tel.: + 38 063 197 51 61
       + 38 063 197 50 15
email: enigma.lviv@gmail.com

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