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Enigma Escape Game team is pleased to invite you to become our partner and together to develop quests in reality!

Many believe that opening a quest room is very simple, but when it comes to a really high-quality and exciting product, its implementation is not so easy. Cooperation with “Enigma Escape Game” will help create an ideal quest-room.

We offer you one of several options for cooperation:

1) Franchise

With this option of cooperation, we completely customize your own business in the realm of quests.


  1. We pass the scenarios of the rooms.
  2. We advise on the selection of premises, its repair and hiring of personnel.
  3. We tell the promotion strategy, and place it on your website.
  4. We adapt our advertising materials to the specifics of your city.
  5. We give all contacts of suppliers and manufacturers of props.
  6. We constantly exchange experience.


  1. You pay the initial admission fee.
  2. Monthly you pay a percentage of the proceeds.
  3. Correspond to the prescribed standards in the contract.

If you want to invest in a profitable business with a short payback period, and there are desires and opportunities to deal with its operational management and development, this option is for you.


2) We will write a scenario for your quest room

This option is suitable if you already own the quest room or plan to open quest rooms under your own name. We offer democratic prices for the creation of any quest rooms – from writing entertaining scenarios to developing engineering solutions.

On all issues of cooperation, as well as mutual advertising and joint PR campaigns, please contact:

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