Gift cards from ENIGMA Escape Game

You can buy gift cards for 1200 UAH for teams up to 4 participants, and for 1300 UAH for any number of participants. Gift cards can be used in any of 8 quest rooms from Enigma Escape Game.

  1. Gift card is valid for 3 months from date of purchase.
  2. Owner of gift card can book a quest room, get details on duration and rules of the gift card by phone or contacting Enigma in Telegram. When booking directly via website, secret code should be specified in the booking.
  3. Depending on the cost of the gift card, owner is able to choose one of following options:
    • 1200 UAH - any quest room with a team of 2-4 participants at any time and date. It is possible to add more participants by paying additional 100 UAH for each participant, but not more than maximum capacity of selected quest room.
    • 1300 UAH - any quest room at any time and date, respecting the maximum capacity of the selected quest room. Also it is possible to book quest game "Hide and Seek" for teams up to 8 participants with this option.
  4. Owner of the gift card is allowed to change booking time and date by contacting the Administration at least 3 hours before the selected time (in case of morning booking, that should be done one day in advance). If no proper contact was made, the gift card is considered activated.
  5. Owner of the gift card is required to present it before the game.