Probably everyone knows about the catastrophe that happened in 1986 not far from Kiev near the town called Pripyat, but few heard about the continuation of this scary story, because the materials were kept in secret and were hidden from prying eyes. But after 20 years the story repeated, but with even more awful consequences. On April 12, 2006, another explosion occurred at the Chernobyl NPP, which turned the nearby territory into a Zone inhabited by various creatures, the Zone where its own laws operate and the mysterious Monolith controls all of this, the true functionality of which still generates all new and new legends. There is a certain grouping "Monolith", which seek to transform the entire planet into a huge "Zone". To do this, they created a mechanism that will soon create an outburst that will allow Monolithians to achieve their goal. Our task is to destroy the “Emission control unit”, freeing our world from the danger of the Zone.