We are from Ukraine

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are fighting for our victory every day! The secret society of Enigma questers also does not stand aside and prepares a full-scale operation to eliminate the number one enemy of Ukraine and announces an intellectual mobilization among clever, smart and brave participants who will find the strength to conduct a top-secret operation to destroy the abode of evil in 60 minutes!
Russian occupant beware, we have the test that only true Ukrainian can pass. Stand with Ukraine!
You will have not a regular a quest, you will have a real mission with AUGMENTED reality (not to be confused with virtual), if you are not afraid of modern technologies and are open to everything new, then welcome to our game!
Meeting place - Storozhenko 30. Password - PALYANYTSYA!
Glory to Ukraine!

This quest is twin quest to "Mission Possible: Spy Adventure in London" which means competitive mode, that is why start of your quest can coincide with beginning of the quest in other room. Please do not be late.